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What we Offer

Hot Stone Massage or Warm Stone Massage is our signature specialty - an exceptional experience of being deeply nurtured which generally leads to a surprising ldeep evel of stillness and relaxation. Clients have said they felt transported to an unsurpassed experience of peacefulness that is enormously soothing, calming and beyond words to describe.  We use warm or hot smooth river stones that are heated and applied using professional massage oil. The temperature of the stones is up to you - just let us know your preference before we begin.  The 90 minute session will sometimes begin by setting smaller warm stones underneath your back.  After you lie back down the treatment begins with the placement of toe stones, a belly stone if you would like, followed by an entire session using small and larger stones.  Neck and back massage with warm stones is especially wonderful.  Stone massage is especially helpful for reducing stress, chronic pain, sports injuries, and arthritis.   $150. 


Deep Tissue, Chronic Pain or Sports Massage is the best choice for people with injuries or a chronic pain condition that is not resolving.  This massage is ideal for repetitive use injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck, back or leg pain, sciatica and even headaches.  People often tell me that pain they have had for many years resolves after their first or a short series of several massages.  I often wish that more people who are enduring daily pain understood how effective therapeutic massage really is! $90 hour or Series of 3-$240.


Our Relaxation Massage is a deeply healing blend of Swedish massage that combines long sweeping strokes using fragrance free lotion with a deeper or medium deep pressure to work on specific areas of your choosing such as back, neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, legs and the feet.  The benefits of this unobtrusive, relaxing massage are to calm the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and relax tight muscles caused by emotional and physical stress. $90   Series of three - $240


About Megan:  My goal is to make this the best massage you have ever had.  When we first meet I like to take a few minutes to listen carefully to you and to then tailor your massage to match your unique needs.  Your privacy is always protected and you are draped for the entire massage.  I  will leave the room while you undress and then knock softly before I come back in.  I adjust the temperature of the room for your preference ce and play soft music during your massage -  unless you prefer no music at all.  Usually we suggest that your massage take place in almost complete silence because this seems to allow people to relax at the deepest possible level.  But if you would like to talk during your massage, I am happy to carry on a light conversation throughout your massage.       




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