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Corporate On Site Massage

Consider an employee benefit at your company that your teams will love, it increases productivity, and lowers injuries like repetitive use and carpal tunnel syndrome! It even can reduce absenteeism.   On site/chair massage is all these things and more!  Call us to learn more or even discuss a demo day at your site or next special event!


How:  We will come to your location and give short seated chair massages that will reduce injuries and related time off and leave your people feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take their projects to the next level.  Reseach shows that chair massage lowers blood pressure and is linked to an increase in cognitive responses which directly impacts problem solving ability.


At several tech and biotech companies our customers have reported significant decreases in headaches, and neck, shoulder and back pain that were likely causing reduced productivity and some absenteeism.  At one biotech company our job is to provide regular massage to areas that are being impacted by repetitve use syndromes such as pipeting and tissue culture as well as many hours on computers so that people remain healthy and injury free.  An ounce of prevention... 


Megan Murphy, CMT has set up and run a number of onsite corporate chair massage programs including at universities, government agencies, large biotech and tech companies and would be delighted to custom design an event or a regular weekly or monthly program for your company!  To learn more about how easy and low maintenence this can be contact:  meganqmurphy@outlook.com or 510-542-1391.

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